Shaping debate on religion in public life.


William Temple Scholar Valerie Barron reports back from her recent event on theology and social enterprise in the northeast of England. Two weeks ago, I held my first event as a William Temple Scholar. The seminar Reimagining Church in Action; Putting Social Enterprise into the Picture, was attended by ecumenical colleagues from a variety of […]

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The Anthropocene: Disrupting all our Stories

by Matthew Stemp

26/06/2018 11:47

William Temple Scholar Matthew Stemp reflects on the 30th anniversary of an important intervention in the debate and discourse around climate change. On June 23rd 1988, James Hansen gave his famous testimony before the US Senate. Now known as “the father of climate science”, he announced that “…the greenhouse effect has been detected, and is changing […]

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Vicky Beeching – Undivided and Undeterred

by Simon Reader

21/06/2018 11:29

Simon Reader reviews Vicky Beeching’s new book, Undivided: Coming out, becoming whole and living free from shame. I had the good fortune of meeting Vicky Beeching a few times when I worked for Linda Woodhead and the Westminster Faith Debates – Vicky had interviewed Linda for her Faith in Feminism project, and thereafter attended a few […]

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