Shaping debate on religion in public life.


Tina Hearn considers the underlying causes of the recent Windrush scandal and the dehumanisation of public policy. The impacts of the UK’s ‘Hostile Environment’ immigration policy have been truly shocking. From deportations to the withholding of life saving cancer treatment, people unable to be with relatives during illness, to loss of jobs, homes and human dignity […]

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Professor Chris Baker on an ingenious Hollywood-inspired fundraising campaign outside his local church. St Mary’s, Stoke Newington (where I am a regular attender), like a lot of churches and faith communities in the capital, does a huge amount of social and welfare outreach. Our rather battered and frayed ‘church rooms’ as we euphemistically call them, […]

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Reimagining Church in Action

by Val Barron

19/04/2018 10:31

William Temple Scholar Val Barron considers the challenges and opportunities of Christian based social enterprise. Like the Archbishop of Canterbury I have been doing much reimagining recently, although my focus has been church social action in the North East. I won’t repeat all the poverty statistics that are regularly churned out and almost immunise us to […]

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