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Reimagining Church in Action

by Val Barron

19/04/2018 10:31

William Temple Scholar Val Barron considers the challenges and opportunities of Christian based social enterprise. Like the Archbishop of Canterbury I have been doing much reimagining recently, although my focus has been church social action in the North East. I won’t repeat all the poverty statistics that are regularly churned out and almost immunise us to […]

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Tim Howles considers how the environmental crisis might revive our conceptualisation of utopia and our political agency. Like many of us, I will very soon be voting in council elections. The party-political literature that has begun to drop through my letter-box tells me that my vote can bring about change. One candidate invites me “to make Brexit Britain […]

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Universal Credit – Universal Chaos?

by Greg Smith

05/04/2018 08:09

Greg Smith’s latest blog reflects on work at the sharp end of austerity Britain, and theological approaches to change. “I’ve been working for 38 years, never been out of a job. I want a job – I left the last one because I had to for my own mental health, and now I find I have […]

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