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Something Happened at Rosslyn Chapel

by Eve Poole

20/02/2017 10:10

I visited Rosslyn Chapel recently, just south of Edinburgh. It’s an Episcopalian church, still very much liturgically inhabited, and the home of a rather splendid cat called William. Most people know about Rosslyn because it features in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code (which has been a great boon for the church, now fully restored […]

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Guest blogger Ruth Wilde works as Faith in Action Project Worker for the Student Christian Movement, as well as working freelance for Christian Peacemaker Teams UK. In her spare time, Ruth studies Theology at the Queen’s Foundation in Birmingham.  After so many shocks and plot twists, 2016 felt more like a dark and disturbing thriller than real life at […]

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Philip Krinks is a Research Associate of the Centre for Theology & Community and Director of social enterprise at The St Martin’s Partnership. He serves as a priest in the Diocese of Winchester. On the morning of 26th July 2013 Britain awoke to find that the sub-editors of The Sun newspaper had turned theological. The Lend […]

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