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Can Transgressing Boundaries ever be Good?

by Chris Baker

13/11/2017 11:10

Professor Chris Baker reflects on two recent publications that consider the transgression of boundaries. Transgressing boundaries has been much in the news recently – and for all the wrong reasons. From the Hollywood hills to the corridors of power in the Palace of Westminster, victims have bravely found the power of voice and called out […]

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Halloween: a Trick or a Treat?

by Eve Poole

26/10/2017 12:56

Eve Poole considers the opportunity to affirm a Christian message and ritual around the festival of Halloween. It seems like supreme irony to me that our local playgroup has been told by the church hosting them that children dressing up for their Halloween party should avoid ‘anything associated with dark magic.’ Perhaps it’s not news that […]

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What have our Food and Bodies Become?

by Tina Hearn

26/09/2017 17:14

In a culture of both food deprivation and obesity crises, Tina Hearn considers how we might better think about food and about our bodies. In June, UNICEF published a report indicating that one in five children in the UK suffered from food insecurity and one in ten were severely food insecure. This means that amongst the world’s wealthiest […]

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