Shaping debate on religion in public life.


Associate Research Fellow and BBC Producer Rosie Dawson reflects on the changing media landscape and the influence of social media in the recent General Election. A hundred years after Edmund Burke said that there were four estates of the realm – the Lords Spiritual, Temporal, the Commons and the press – Oscar Wilde was complaining […]

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The resignation of Tim Farron and his explanation of his reasons raise some profound questions about the place of faith in public life in 21st Century Britain, argues Greg Smith Personally I’m sad but totally  perplexed by this decision. Possibly Tim Farron was under pressure in the party and his political position is unsustainable as […]

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Malvern Q&A | Michael Wakelin

by Michael Wakelin

30/05/2017 08:14

Ahead of the forthcoming consultation Faith, Belief and Nation-building, we’re asking some of the participants a few quick-fire questions to give you a flavour of their interests and thoughts… Today we talk to Michael Wakelin, Executive Associate in Public Education for the Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge and formerly Head of Religion and Ethics at the BBC. What have […]

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