Shaping debate on religion in public life.


Our guest blogger Dr Joyce Miller is Chair of the RE Council. All opinions expressed in this blog are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of the RE Council. In a recent speech at the RSA, shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt addressed the question ‘Who should have the power to create the […]

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Challenging Religious Studies: Part 1

by John Atherton

06/10/2014 08:39

In the first of a three part series to celebrate the publication of his landmark new book ‘Challenging Religious Studies: The Wealth, Wellbeing and Inequalities of Nations’ John Atherton introduces the key themes of his latest work. The following is an edited extract from the book’s introduction. It is published on 31 October by SCM Press. The Argument […]

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Where Has Global Poverty Gone?

by Emily Winter

30/09/2014 11:25

Guest blogger Emily Winter is a PhD candidate at the University of Lancaster. Emily’s research focuses on Christian social action groups’ strategies to engage young people.   The Enough Food IF campaign last year sparkled quickly and quietly, like a damp firework, and made only a minimal appearance in the national media.  This contrasts strikingly with […]

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