Shaping debate on religion in public life.

Our Approach

The William Temple Foundation is a research and ideas hub shaping the debate on religion in public life.

Our staff and Associate Research Fellows produce a variety of academic publications, but research is just one element of the Foundation’s work. Through networks, partnerships and informal collaborations, we aim to spark discussion, generate ideas and create spaces for deep-thinking on the role of religion in public life.

We connect clergy, church workers, community activists, policy makers and academics, to learn from one another. We believe that creative academic work is improved by interaction with everyday practice. Likewise grassroots activists may benefit from engagement with academic theory and empirical research. In this way, we seek to build a bridge between high-level theory and research, and everyday application and practice.

Whilst we are rooted in an Anglican tradition, we are a progressive organisation that seeks to engage a diverse array of religious and secular thinkers. We work across a wide range of academic disciplines from theology to human geography, from philosophy to economics, and much more.

The Foundation began as a theological college and we remain committed to sharing knowledge through teaching and training. Our staff and Associate Research Fellows are involved in teaching and supervision of students through our partnership with Goldsmiths, University of London. We offer bespoke training workshops to a range of organisations including church groups, policy makers and the media.

In all of our work, we seek to find innovative and collaborative ways to promote the economic, social and political wellbeing of society.