Shaping debate on religion in public life.


Ronald Preston once referred to a ‘persistent Christian undercurrent, which refuses to take economics seriously.’ One important manifestation of that refusal is that people of good will often suppose that it is inherently wrong to engage in lending and borrowing at a positive rate of interest, that the lender must inevitably be taking advantage of […]

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In reporting Archbishop Justin Welby’s address to the Board of Deputies of British Jews last week, the Telegraph’s “click bait” headline read, “Welby: Let’s stop pretending all religions agree”. The Board of Deputies own website ran with the markedly less dramatic “Archbishop of Canterbury urges faiths to come together to combat religious violence.” Not having […]

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Nepal: How Can Christians Respond?

by Eve Poole

29/04/2015 10:27

Saturday 25 April, Edinburgh. In the morning, I took my 3 year old twins to their first ballet class. By taxi. Next, we returned home to await the arrival of our new sideboard, in which to store all our ancestral china and tablecloths. Then Granny arrived, bringing the twins a massive Georgian dolls’ house, complete […]

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