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From the Archbishops down, it seems as though everyone is channelling William Temple these days. And why not? It is a strong brand association for a Church ramping up its political engagement, because Temple is famous for having actually driven genuine societal change. So I welcome the recent speech by Archbishop Justin in which he […]

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David Cameron’s recent announcement that housing benefit would be withdrawn from young people under the age of 21 following the election, received little press attention. Perhaps this indicates that this, and a related series of expulsions from the provisions of the post-war social democratic settlement, are now experienced as received wisdom, banal even? The post-war […]

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William Temple And The 2015 Election

by Chris Baker

20 Jan 2015

The launch today of On Rock or Sand a series of essays edited by Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, ‘on the moral principles that undergird the way Britain is governed’ has generated much debate since it was trailed last Thursday, including a direct rebuttal of its basic assertions by David Cameron himself. Amidst the welter […]

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