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As someone who has been involved in church activities for over 40 years I should have known the ninth Beatitude: “Blessed is s/he that doth not immediately refuse to volunteer, for s/he will be lumbered with doing it”!  But this week, as a result of forgetting the golden rule – that one should keep eyes […]

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Guest blogger Rachael Shillitoe is a PhD student at Worcester University. Her research ‘Collective Worship: Foregrounding the Child’s Perspective’ is part of the wider Leverhulme Trust funded project, ‘Faith on the Air’. Every day it seems, a new article or report emerges which questions the subject of religion and young people, and increasingly such attention […]

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The leaders of Britain, politicians, intellectuals and churches, invariably focus on what’s gone wrong with life, whether it’s the economy, the NHS, education, inequality or foodbanks. Yet that’s to start with the carts of life. There are some useful lessons we might draw from economics, offering a message on Lent and sin. Without the horse, the cart […]

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