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Credit where it’s due…

by Bishop Adrian Newman

02/06/2014 07:10

A guest blog post written by The Rt Revd Adrian Newman, Bishop of Stepney.   Far from being a top-down, command-and-control organisation, the Church of England is at its best when it empowers local communities and liberates some of the latent skills which lie, often undiscovered and usually un-tapped, within its greatest resource – its […]

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At the William Temple Foundation Chris Baker and I have made much of the importance of religious and spiritual capital in the context of faith based local involvement and partnership work. The definitions we have used so far go like this:  Religious capital is, ‘the practical contribution to local and national life made by faith […]

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Of recent religious stories, the one generating the biggest splash across my Twitter feed was a scathing take on the BBC TV comedy Rev. Writing in the Guardian James Mumford describes the show as ‘pernicious’, undermining the church and a, ‘failure of representation’. Needless to say, numerous followers of this popular show jumped to its […]

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