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Creating Community… or Destroying It?

by Simon Foster

13 Aug 2015

In the second instalment of our series written by members of the Faith & Flourishing Neighbourhoods Network Simon Foster finds himself treading a fine line between creating community and destroying it. As a social care trainer I’m asked to run all kinds of courses with all kinds of people. So, when I was recently approached to lead a course […]

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What Does My Community Ask of Me?

by Will Jones

5 Aug 2015

In the first of a new blog series written by members of the Faith & Flourishing Neighbourhoods Network, Will Jones reflects on difference, unity and the future of community. “I thought fame and fortune would make me valuable. I found out that it is empty. I am going to spend the rest of my life belonging […]

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“This is a horse. Either you get on it or it dies”. This quote from Yanis Varoufakis in his first interview since resigning as Finance Minister of Greece, and a comment made to him during the course of an earlier set of negotiations. The current set has apparently yielded some sort of “compromise agreement”, although […]

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