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How many homeless people are there across England this month? The short answer is too many. But no one really knows, because it is hard to get statistics, especially as marginalised people often try their best not to be noticed by authority. November is the month when in many parts of the country there is […]

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On Monday, William Temple Foundation held a gathering with over a hundred supporters and fellow travellers, in the bare brick and vaulted splendour of the People’s History Museum in Manchester. The event was entitled ‘Reclaiming the Public Space’ and aimed to do three things: remind the wider world of the 70th anniversary of Archbishop William Temple’s […]

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Challenging Religious Studies: Part 3

by John Atherton

31 Oct 2014

This third and final edited extract from ‘Challenging Religious Studies: The Wealth, Wellbeing and Inequalities of Nations’ consists of the concluding note or ‘Afterword’ to the book. It summarises the whole necessary approach to disciplines and experiences working together to promote the greater wellbeing of all.  Read part one and part two. Order the book […]

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