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The Feeding Britain report commissioned by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and launched today, has laid bare the countless stories of human misery and suffering caused by hunger and poverty in the UK. The statistics reveal that nearly a million UK citizens have needed to cross the barrier of shame and ask for food from a […]

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It was July 1992 when John Plender dropped a bombshell in the Financial Times, reporting that the Church Commissioners had lost about £800m of their then £3billion portfolio. A year later, I joined the Church Commissioners as a graduate. At one point, around 1995, I was seconded to the Diocese of Chichester for a while. […]

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How many homeless people are there across England this month? The short answer is too many. But no one really knows, because it is hard to get statistics, especially as marginalised people often try their best not to be noticed by authority. November is the month when in many parts of the country there is […]

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