Shaping debate on religion in public life.


Next year, 2016, marks the 75th anniversary of the Malvern Conference, as convened by Archbishop William Temple in 1941 to consider the ‘ordering of a new society’ after the Second World War. To mark this special anniversary, William Temple Foundation has partnered with the University of Worcester to organise a conference and to edit a special […]

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A ground-breaking exploratory symposium between local authorities and faith communities will be held at the University of Chester this week and will explore the new policy landscape that has emerged out of the 2008 financial crash and which has been shaped by the policy frameworks of both localism and austerity. The conference is organised by […]

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We’re Hiring!

29/10/2015 10:33

William Temple Foundation and the Spiritual Capital Development Company (SCDC) are recruiting for a paid intern to assist in the development of an exciting new project looking at the role of religion and belief in public life. The SCDC is developing a tool and business model to measure “spiritual capital” in a workplace or a […]

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