Shaping debate on religion in public life.


Greg Smith and Linda Woodhead’s research into Brexit and the Church of England has been gathering momentum in the news over recent weeks and months. Their key finding was that, of the 3242 UK adults polled, exactly two-thirds (66%) of voters who identified as Church of England voted to leave the EU. Their original article […]

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9 Apr 2019

The William Temple Foundation is an innovative and ground-breaking research and ideas hub, shaping debate on religion in public life. Founded in 1947, it seeks to connect Christian social concerns to the realities of the secular world by generating ideas about the impact of religion on civil society, wellbeing, politics and economics, and urban change. […]

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On 1st March 2019 members of the William Temple Foundation Ethical Futures network met in Trinity College, Oxford, to discuss the relationship between digital and ecological concerns about our collective future. The event was facilitated by Ian Ball with the aim of drawing more closely together the various interests and contacts within the group and […]

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