Shaping debate on religion in public life.

Temple Tracts

Temple Tracts are free to download, short accessible e-books presenting engaging analysis on key debates in religion and public life

Series One
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Greg Smith
Faith, Progressive Localism & the Hol(e)y Welfare Safety Net
John Atherton & John Reader
Mapping the Material: Religious Practices in Changing Times
Hayley Matthews
Grace & Power: Sexuality and Gender in the Church of England
Eve Poole
God & Money
Philip Lewis & Charlotte Dando
The Interfaith Movement
Ian Steedman & Arrigo Opocher
Work, Leisure & The Good Life: A Trying Triangle

Series Two
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Chris Baker & John Reader
21st Century Religion: Violent Extremism to Civil Society?
Craig Calhoun
Religion, Government and the Public Good
Eve Poole
Ethical Consumerism
Greg Smith
The Seven Pillars of Religion in the Public Sphere
Shanon Shah
Religion and Sexual Minorities: The Experiences of LGBT Muslims

Series Three
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Anna Ruddick
From the Ground Up: Creating Community Cohesion through Incarnational Mission
John Reader
A Tour around Latour: Religion and Fidelities
Tina Hearn
Religion and the Politics of Flesh
Rob Thompson
At the Bar of Humanity, History and God: William Temple and 75 Years of the Council of Christians and Jews
Matthew Barber
Curating Spaces of Hope: A New Definition and Model of Faith Based Organisations