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Love and… Rage?

by Matthew Stemp

2 Jul 2021

Matt Stemp proposes that anger might be more fruitful than frustration as a galvanising emotion for climate protest. One of Extinction Rebellion’s (XR) rally cries in its early days as a social movement organisation was ‘love and rage’. Love is certainly difficult to miss in XR’s emotional culture. At its 2019 protests, the climate activists […]

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Gill Reeve wonders whether young adults today constitute a ‘sacrificed generation’. She suggests standing in solidarity with young people and turns to the example of Bishop James Jones for hope. In some recent interviews with young adults in Europe there were some moving testimonies about the profound anxiety that many of them have experienced during […]

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by Simon Lee

4 Jun 2021

Simon Lee unpacks a naval metaphor and wonders whether we should focus more on virtue-anchoring than on virtue-signalling. Those of us who criticise virtue-signalling by others are, in a sense, virtue-signalling ourselves. The most famous nautical example of sending a signal by ostentatiously ignoring another signal is attributed to Admiral Horatio Nelson and worked out […]

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