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With the UK government’s publication of a new obesity strategy last week, Gill Reeve suggests that a more urgent need is a broader strategy to address the underlying causes of poverty and inequality. With a cabinet minister inviting us to take personal responsibility for our weight, the new strategy should not be used to deflect […]

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A conversation between Dr Sanjee Perera (SP) and Professor Simon Lee (SL). This is a conversation of hope in an age of turbulence, when the symbols of an ignominious past are being torn from their pedestals. Sanjee Perera‚Äôs recent blog post for the Foundation and her research for the Minority Anglican Project have been influential […]

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I was wrong: how hard can it be to say?

by Helen Paynter

17 Jul 2020

Helen Paynter is a Baptist minister and works at Bristol Baptist College as director of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence. In this blog, she explores why it can be so hard for public figures to change their mind and offers some possible ways forward. At the meeting of the Evangelical Theological […]

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