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Professor Chris Baker reflects on the Bishops’ contribution to the debate about Dominic Cummings and wonders whether it heralds a more sustained vision for our national future. I struggled with the title for this blog, as I digested the headline from yesterday’s Guardian: ‘Bishops turn on Boris Johnson for defending Dominic Cummings’. My gut instinct […]

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Associate Research Fellow Greg Smith reviews Martin Robinson’s recent book ‘The Place of the Parish’. He applauds Robinson’s attention to the importance of locality but wonders whether this must still be held in tension with an outward-looking desire for justice. In this book, Martin Robinson, an experienced urban minister and Principal of ForMission College, has […]

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In this extended post, Dr Sanjee Perera reflects on her research with the Minority Anglican Project and what the BAME death toll in the current COVID-19 pandemic reveals about how far both church and society still have to go. (Note: this article was composed before a number of Church of England Bishops signed the recent […]

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