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Is Britain Flagging?

by Greg Smith

7 May 2021

In light of the prominence of the Union Jack in the news over recent months, Greg Smith considers the complex relationships between flag, state, and church. The newly unveiled Downing Street briefing room, replete with its twin union flags on a blue background, has provoked ribaldry not only from the usual satirists, but even from […]

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Professor Chris Baker applauds the recent From Lament to Action report, and challenges the church to create a community where all of its members can breathe. Last week saw the publication of the latest Church of England report, published by its Anti-Racism taskforce, looking at institutional racism in its structures and hierarchies. I say the […]

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To bury or to praise?

by John Reader

23 Apr 2021

John Reader responds to our recent seminar on ‘Spaces of Trust’ and warns of the dangers of binaries in a digital age. ‘I come to bury Caesar not to praise him’. So says Mark Anthony at the start of his funeral oration to Caesar—according to Shakespeare. Anthony, of course, was dissembling and playing on the […]

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