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Surviving Trauma at the Foot of the Cross

by Karen O'Donnell

2 Apr 2021

This week’s blog, by Karen O’Donnell, is adapted from her chapter ‘Surviving Trauma at the Foot of the Cross’ in the recently published book ‘When Did We See You Naked? Jesus as a Victim of Sexual Abuse’, edited by Jayme Reaves, David Tombs and Rocío Figueroa. Content warning: sexual abuse. This blog post comes from […]

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Matthew Barber-Rowell reflects on Hilary Cottam’s recent call for a revolution in social policy akin to the post-war welfare state, and proposes that faith-based organisations have an important role to play. ‘[A] fundamental rethink … a new Beveridge … [this is] a moment for revolution, not for patching and mending’. These were the words of […]

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Silence, solidarity, society

by Matthew Stemp

5 Feb 2021

In a final blog on Extinction Rebellion’s recent activities, Matt Stemp turns to stillness and meditation as a vital grounding for social connection and political transformation. You can read the previous blogs here and here. My eyes are closed, my hands are on my chest. It’s happening again, I think, as I steady myself on […]

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