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This week’s blog comes from Dr Karen Lord, a member of our William Temple Ethical Futures network. Dr Lord is an award-winning author whose writing focusses on possible futures and alternate worlds. Here, she recounts the disturbing experience of a fiction that is rapidly becoming fact. Last year, I was asked to write a story […]

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Tina Hearn, Associate Research Fellow at the William Temple Foundation, proposes that policies for the coronavirus crisis should embody the concept of ‘response-ability’. The coronavirus outbreak has already been deeply traumatising for many families, communities and nations across the globe. It has been particularly so for people with chronic health conditions, compromised immune systems, life-threatening […]

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Jeff Leonardi, a person-centred counsellor and a member of our Ethical Futures Network, offers a preview of his recently published book ‘Spirituality and Well-being’ and makes the case for an holistic approach to knowledge. The intellect is an invaluable and powerful servant, but a dangerous master: as human beings we have so many more resources […]

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