Shaping debate on religion in public life.

Mission and Values

The William Temple Foundation exists to promote the economic, social and political wellbeing of society.

Through combining direct engagement with empirical research and creative academic exploration, we provide space and support for people of all faiths and beliefs to critically engage with the deeper dimensions of public life.

We are committed to social justice and equality.

We are rooted in the world, seeking to build a bridge between everyday concerns and academic and religious institutions.

We seek to address structures and power in church and society, in solidarity with those who are marginalised and disadvantaged by economic and political policies.

We draw on the insights of a wide variety of academic disciplines, understanding that theology and religious studies are part of a greater whole.

We emphasise the practical and political aspects of religion.

Whilst not seeking to prioritise religion, we understand that it has an important role to play in public life. We are embedded in the Anglican Christian tradition, but believe in the importance of working alongside all denominations and all religions, together with secular organisations.




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