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80th Anniversary Conference

18 Feb 2022

80th Anniversary Conference of William Temple’s Christianity and Social Order

9.30am – 5.30pm | Saturday 12th March 2022 | Canterbury Lodge, Canterbury Cathedral

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The conference will examine the historical and continuing significance of William Temple’s 1942 Christianity and Social Order on the 80th anniversary of its publication. This short work was a key text in the development of the welfare state and Christian social ethics. The conference will seek to examine a series of new themes and issues in relation to Temple’s influential 1942 work and explore its lasting influence. Papers will explore the history and context of the work and new critical themes, such as gender, environment, race and public policy today.

Speakers include: Kenneth Fincham, Simon Lee, Elaine Graham, Jeremy Carrette, Robin Gill, Sanjee Perera, Chris Baker and Stephen Spencer.

This event is jointly organised by the Centre for Anglican History & Theology, University of Kent, and the William Temple Foundation.

The conference fee includes a two-course lunch and refreshments.

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