Shaping debate on religion in public life.


The furore leading up to the rather underwhelming televised election debate was a new political low. Effusive rhetoric at the last general election about the desirability of open scrutiny of politicians has quickly evaporated into an unseemly row about procedures, which makes our political leaders look shifty. It also leaves the electorate (or at least […]

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One of the joys of taking assemblies in our local primary schools is that one never knows what responses will be elicited from the children. Focusing on the subject of creativity and important inventions, and having gone through the wheel, clocks and drugs, with the children to quickly realize that each of these can be […]

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Religion and Public Life: Top 15 Websites

by William Temple Foundation

01/04/2015 15:47

Are you looking for the best websites on religion and public life? The internet can be an over-whelming place, so here at William Temple Foundation we’re helping to streamline your surfing by gathering together a succinct collection of some of our favourite online resources devoted to various aspects of religion and public life. Below, we share our […]

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