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Temple Tracts Series 3

From the Ground Up: Creating Community Cohesion through Incarnational Mission | Anna Ruddick

What is the role that faith groups can play in creating community cohesion? What does missional pastoral care look like when evangelical Christians relocate into urban communities? Drawing on her research with the Eden Network, Dr Anna Ruddick argues that Christian communities must step back from service delivery as a default mode of engagement, instead prioritising developing mutual relationships and creating spaces in which such relationships can be cultivated across communities.

A Tour around Latour: Religion and Fidelities | John Reader

How can the work of Bruno Latour help us to think about Mission and Practice? How might Latour’s understanding of the relationships between the human and the non-human contribute to a better theological understanding of environmental issues? Pulling together rich practical examples from his ministry and sophisticated theological insights, Revd Dr John Reader offers us a guide to how Latour’s ideas can influence our thought and actions in relation to Mission and the global environment.

Religion and the Politics of Flesh  | Tina Hearn

How should we navigate the contemporary landscape of the politics of human flesh? Where our bodies are increasingly the sites of hazard, crisis and consumption, how do theological, religious and related images of thought and practice play a role in texturing this landscape? In a new and original Temple Tract, Tina Hearn explores the background to our attitudes to ‘ideal bodies’ and draws upon theologians, activists and philosophers to consider the ways in which we might refigure the ways we think about human flesh more creatively and positively.

At the Bar of History, Humanity and God  | Rob Thompson

Drawing on new research in the Lambeth Palace Archives, Rob Thompson paints a fuller picture of Archbishop William Temple’s role, as co-founder of the Council of Christians and Jews, in drawing attention to the plight of Jews in occupied Europe during the Second World War. Thompson details the background to Temple’s petitions to the UK government to provide asylum to those able to leave enemy-occupied territories, and reflects on the legacy of Temple’s example, courage and moral leadership.

Curating Spaces of Hope: A New Definition and Model of Faith Based Organisations  | Matthew Barber

Drawing on his PhD research into Faith Based Organisations, weaving this together with a personal narrative, Matthew Barber maps the landscape of austerity and localism that have led to a new model and pedagogy of the Spaces of Hope movement. Introducing this movement against the background of wider social change and political theory, Barber explains the development of the Spaces of Hope movement, along with some of the examples of the way this movement has found expression in the North of England.










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