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Temple Tracts Series 4

The Revenge of the Racists and the Silence of those who Worship the Lamb | Greg Smith

In a provocative and timely new Temple Tract, Greg Smith provides a sociological and theological reflection on populist nationalism, religious prejudice, xenophobia and racism in the contemporary context of the United Kingdom and especially England, with comparisons with the USA and Europe. Drawing on new empirical research on religion and Brexit voting trends, along with decades of activism in the church, Greg considers how we can better respond to the challenges of xenophobic and racist social attitudes.


The `Glorious Liberty of the Children of God’: Reimagining Freedom beyond Liberalism between William Temple and Hannah Arendt | Susan J. Lucas

How can we live alongside those with whom we disagree? What will it mean to be ‘free’ in multicultural, post-Brexit Britain? In our final Temple Tract of 2018, Sue Lucas, Team Rector of East Ham in east London, writes about a freedom beyond liberalism, drawing on the political philosophy of both Hannah Arendt and William Temple. She argues that Arendt’s notion of politics as relationality, coupled with Temple’s concept of freedom for, can help us to reach past the limitations of purely negative, or economic, understandings of liberty. Together, they offer a new political imaginary that is based on a plural and diverse God.












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