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Foundation to be charity partner in new £100,000 follow-on funding from AHRC

1 Feb 2019

Professor Adam Dinham and Professor Chris Baker (Director of Research, William Temple Foundation) of the Faiths and Civil Society Unit at Goldsmiths, University of London have secured £100,000 follow-on funding from the AHRC for their work on Re-imagining Religion and Belief for Policy and Practice.

This grant follows on the heels of a succesful AHRC Network Grant (2014-2016) and aims to disseminate further learning and impact from this project. The new grant, which started in January 2019 and will run for the rest of the year, will be working with both The William Temple Foundation and Faith in Society to deliver its outcomes.

The project will work with leaders in national and local government, voluntary and community sector, and faith settings to co-produce concrete, practical tools to help policy-makers engage effectively with religion and belief in relation to welfare, cohesion and security. Key objectives are:

1. Raised awareness, knowledge and understanding of cutting edge thinking about contemporary religion and belief as a basis for policy-making.

2. Established pathways for increased engagement by policy makers together with practitioners engaging with religion and belief issues in public spaces via four practical and sustainable contributions to this field: a new dedicated website, a new framework of local policy development, an annual conference and a new national network.

3. A safe and integrated series of alternative spaces for policy formation alongside discussion of the deeper issues and questions concerning the place and contribution of lived religion and belief in the public sphere that will both critique but also intentionally complement current policies in this area (i.e. Prevent and Protect).

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