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Artificial Intelligence in the Image of God?

by Ryan Haecker

20/12/2019 16:48

Amidst growing suspicion concerning the future of artificial intelligence, Ryan Haecker, a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, argues that machines may be made in the image of God. Every day we hear more and more about the future of machines that may think more expediently and efficiently than any human mind. The general […]

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Greg Smith reviews David E. Fitch’s recent book The Church of Us vs. Them, and wonders whether there are lesson we can learn for British politics. Since time immemorial an unavoidable feature of the human condition has been the formation of groups and the possibility of conflict between them. The tribal nature of humanity is […]

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In this moving piece, Val Barron calls on us to place human value at the heart of ethical business. It is the ordinary people working in social enterprise, she says, who are showing us the way. Earlier this month I attended a preview of Ken Loach and Paul Laverty’s latest film Sorry We Missed You, […]

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