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Peter Lumsden, a member of the Lancashire Forum of Faiths, reflects on the role that faith groups have played in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in Lancashire. With numbers of COVID cases rising steeply again, directors of public health in Lancashire recently issued a letter urging places of worship to close. This letter went directly […]

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Navigating 2020 as a Social Researcher

by Gill Reeve

22 Jan 2021

Gill Reeve charts some of the new challenges, unavoidable losses and unexpected opportunities of 2020, drawing out lessons that are relevant for us all. Starting my PhD in September 2018, I anticipated many of the challenges ahead: time pressure, difficulty finding focus, searching for the research gap, writer’s block… to name but a few. But […]

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Fantasy or Reality?

by John Reader

15 Jan 2021

In the wake of recent events in US politics, John Reader interrogates the role of social media in blurring the distinction between fantasy and reality. One of the most interesting responses to the events at Capitol Hill on Wednesday 6th January was an article by Bruno Macaes in the City Journal the following day. His […]

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