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A Greek Tragedy at Sea

by Chris Baker

16 Jun 2023

As 600 innocent people drown in the search for a better and safer life, will compassionate pragmatism ever replace hostility?

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Is There Still Faith in the City?

by Greg Smith

3 Jun 2023

It is in such movements that I see signs of God at work, and some of his people getting on board. Rather than in the soft power approach of Temple and the established church, with its condescending “effortless superiority”, that I believe we can still find Faith in the City.

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Feel the Fear

by Lois Tarbet

3 Jun 2023

The signals that we must stop unsustainable behaviours and practices are overwhelmingly clear, whether from natural systems, or society or from specialists in technology.

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A Graduated View of the Coronation

by Simon Lee

18 May 2023

A Coronation is not just a graduation for the monarch. The Coronation was a rite of passage but it was also a leap of faith. Far from it being ‘hopeless’ to read meaning into the Coronation, the meaning was already there.

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Well, How Did You Become King Then?

by David Shaw

3 May 2023

Many will argue that the coronation and the monarchy represent thousands of years of British history, running like a continuous thread. Yet, succession has rarely been straightforward. It is a story of claims, usurpation, conquests, seizure, offers, treaty, and acts. That’s even before we consider primogeniture.

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The Bloom Review is something of a missed opportunity to move the debate on religion and belief in England on in a ground-breaking way.

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On Schumacher’s Shoulders

by Lois Tarbet

20 Apr 2023

Ahead of the Big One series of events planned for the weekend of the 24th April by over 200 organisations around citizens’ participation and climate emergency, William Temple Trustee Lois Tarbet reflects on EF Schumacher’s big and beautiful advice for gaining insight into the prospects for climate change following the IPCC’s most recent report.

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Our focus on hope is a response to the many uncertainties we live with today. These include the cost of living crisis, the energy crisis, the pandemic, climate change, and many more. The goal is to facilitate resilience in the city, with people from across different communities, with different beliefs, values, and worldviews in curating a more hopeful place to live. 

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As Christians who follow the way of Jesus, let us mobilize our faith communities to advocate for diplomacy to break the cycle of hostilities and cast light on illuminate the cause of human dignity.

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What’s God Got To Do With It?

by Victoria Turner

12 Mar 2023

I hope a love-filled faith can continue to be represented in Scottish politics, and help younger generations restore their hope in democratic governments.

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