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Robot Souls

by Eve Poole

9 Aug 2023

Our junk code certainly seems to have given us the capacity to thrive, even if we are still a wayward creation.

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With the heaven-sent speed of Hermes, computers calculate in writing to shape the grammar of the world.  Although analysable into binary algebra, the calculations of computers are more than mathematical, and more than mechanical.

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The true genius of university education is that what prove to be the deepest influences on you in the long run are often people, places, experiences, ideas and graces which you hardly noticed when they first came into your student life.

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We must stop blaming others for our discomfort.  The cost of living with false promises is that it continues to dehumanise, it allows distrust to fester, and provides a veil to hide our diminishing sense of values.

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A Greek Tragedy at Sea

by Chris Baker

16 Jun 2023

As 600 innocent people drown in the search for a better and safer life, will compassionate pragmatism ever replace hostility?

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Is There Still Faith in the City?

by Greg Smith

3 Jun 2023

It is in such movements that I see signs of God at work, and some of his people getting on board. Rather than in the soft power approach of Temple and the established church, with its condescending “effortless superiority”, that I believe we can still find Faith in the City.

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Feel the Fear

by Lois Tarbet

3 Jun 2023

The signals that we must stop unsustainable behaviours and practices are overwhelmingly clear, whether from natural systems, or society or from specialists in technology.

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A Graduated View of the Coronation

by Simon Lee

18 May 2023

A Coronation is not just a graduation for the monarch. The Coronation was a rite of passage but it was also a leap of faith. Far from it being ‘hopeless’ to read meaning into the Coronation, the meaning was already there.

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Well, How Did You Become King Then?

by David Shaw

3 May 2023

Many will argue that the coronation and the monarchy represent thousands of years of British history, running like a continuous thread. Yet, succession has rarely been straightforward. It is a story of claims, usurpation, conquests, seizure, offers, treaty, and acts. That’s even before we consider primogeniture.

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The Bloom Review is something of a missed opportunity to move the debate on religion and belief in England on in a ground-breaking way.

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