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In the wake of Brexit, Greg Smith reviews Graham Tomlin’s call for a more harmonious future. Whilst he approves of the desire for reconciliation, Smith wonders whether Tomlin’s book is really up to the task. This short book from the Bishop of Kensington responds to the perceived sense that the Church of England can help […]

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Dr Maria Power, one of our Senior Research Fellows, reviews Simon Cuff’s recent book ‘Love in Action: Catholic Social Teaching for Every Church’. Had I written this post before 12 December 2019, it would have been a very different review. It would perhaps have been a reflection on interest in Catholic Social Teaching (CST) from […]

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As climate breakdown starts to bite, it can be easy to slip into a culture of blame and denial. But, as Tim Middleton argues, a theological perspective can help us to see that, in the West, we are all climate hypocrites now. This week, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the climate crisis has […]

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