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Associate Research Fellow John Reader reviews ‘#newpower’ by Henry Timms and Jeremy Heimans and wonders how new the exercise of power in the digital age really is. The book’s subtitle—”why outsiders are winning, institutions are failing, and how the rest of us can keep up in the age of mass participation”—sets the agenda. From the […]

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Spaces of Hope in an Age of Division

by Matthew Barber

20/09/2019 06:36

Our new William Temple Scholar, Matthew Barber, offers his thoughts on our present politics and introduces the work of Spaces of Hope. Prorogation of Parliament and the ensuing High Court challenges are the latest act in a Brexit farce that has been running for over three years. The government drive to ‘deliver the will of […]

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Associate Research Fellow Tina Hearn steps back from the current political turmoil to consider the wider context of our debate and how the conversation needs to be broadened. Jorge Luis Borges’ evocative essay ‘The Garden of Forking Pathways’ portrays life as a series of forking paths; each ‘fork’ signifies a point at which questions are […]

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