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Curating Spaces of Hope – Chester Cathedral

30 Mar 2017

Unlocking the potential of performance in partnership

Chester Cathedral, 7th June 2017 | 1pm – 5pm

Book now! Early bird tickets £10 by 1st May, £15 thereafter.

This is the third Curating Spaces of Hope Symposium to take place across Chester Diocese. The Curating Spaces of Hope series is drawing on the strengths of networks and institutions from across our communities, towns and cities to facilitate connectivity, build relationships and share a vision of hope for the future.

Canon Prof. Elaine Graham will be offering the keynote address with Spaces of Hope materials being delivered by Prof. Chris Baker from University of Chester and William Temple Foundation and Matthew Barber, a researcher from the Centre for Faith and Public Policy and Social Engagement Practitioner in the Diocese of Chester.  

The Curating Spaces of Hope work has developed out of research at the Centre for Faiths and Public Policy at the University of Chester and social engagement work by the Anglican Church in Stockport, with support from The William Temple Foundation. Curating Spaces of Hope combines a research led framework with missional, outward facing and partnership driven engagement. This has produced a tripartite of community case studies, community conversations and a strategy for curating an issue oriented movement.

The first step in this process has been to draw together people from all sections of our communities in order to establish an understanding of key themes as a foundation for working in partnership. In a context of uncertainty both locally and nationally, these key themes matter as they acknowledge a common but differentiated pursuit of authenticity. This gives us a basis to exchange ideas and implement a common framework in the places that we live, in a way that is wholly appropriate to each and every place that we live in.

The Spaces of Hope framework does not prescribe solutions or encourage people to simply replicating the work of others, but acknowledges the differences between the places that we live and the issues that people are facing, through the approach it takes. Curating Spaces of Hope encourages freedom, the building of relationships and a desire to serve others and does so with the firmly held belief that every person in our communities has something to offer.

The Symposium on the 7 June is being supported by University of Chester, The William Temple Foundation, Chester Diocese, Salt of the Earth Network, Link Up and Chester Cathedral. We will be deepening our understanding of hubs as spaces of hope and transformation in the city, through partnerships across the city.

For more information please contact Matthew at, or visit to book your earlybird ticket.

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