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Faith & Flourishing Neighbourhoods Network – The First Meeting

10 Jun 2015

On Tuesday 9th June over twenty academics and civil society leaders came together for the first time as part of the newly formed Faith and Flourishing Neighbourhoods Network. During the day-long meeting, kindly hosted by the Diocese of Birmingham, members interrogated the concept of “community” and shared their own experiences, weaving together academic theory with hands-on practical examples.

The first of a series of three events planned under the title ‘Community, What Community?’ the meeting was named, ‘Troubling the Past, Tracing the Present’. The day began with a historical overview of the development of concepts of community, from the church parish system, to the democratisation of community, to contemporary civil society. This set the scene for thinking about the ambiguity and the fluidity of concepts of community. Throughout the day a key theme for discussions is the idea that community is much more than a place.

As the meeting closed, members expressed gratitude for the opportunity to meet and share with other people who are asking similar questions. The questioning will continue with the second meeting ‘Case Studies for Community’ in February 2016.

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More photos from the meeting can be viewed on our Facebook page.

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