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Foundation to Host New Theology Workshop

25 Jan 2018

The William Temple Foundation will host a workshop this February at Trinity College, Oxford, entitled Theological Futures: Digital and Ecological.

Following the publication last year of Associate Research Fellow John Reader’s latest book Theology and New Materialism: Spaces of Faithful Dissent, a network of theorists and practitioners has developed with interests in the themes and concerns raised by the publication.

Further meetings and discussions have led to the organisation of a workshop, which will be held on February 19th at the same Oxford college that saw the launch of Dr Reader’s book in June of last year.

The William Temple Foundation is pleased to support this event, and the important work that is developing through new theological approaches to the environment and technology.

Invited experts from around the country with a range of experiences and viewpoints will be discussing the work of theorists such as Bruno Latour and Bernard Stiegler, as well as the challenges and questions raised by emerging digital technologies, environmental degradation and the ways in which theological approaches can help us make sense of them.

Following the workshop there will be more information on the attendees and outcomes that will be reported on the William Temple Foundation website.

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