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Introducing the Faith in Work Project

14 Apr 2016

How does faith relate to our working lives? Are we happier when our values and our workplace are in harmony? The William Temple Foundation is a key partner in the Faith in Work project; a series of retreats for professionals from different religious backgrounds. The first retreat, for Catholic participants, will take place over the May Day bank holiday weekend, with a series of further retreats cumulating in a multifaith event.

The Faith in Work project has been developed by the University of Liverpool (who are funding the pilot retreat), Good Works and William Temple Foundation. The Foundation will be helping to develop and analyse the data from the pilot retreat and planning a 3-year programme of 10 other retreats.

William Temple Foundation Director of Research Chris Baker said, ‘We are extremely pleased to be involved with such an exciting project which resonates so well with the Foundation’s research agendas. For many years, we have explored how and why people are motivated to action, in particular through the concept of Spiritual Capital. We’re very interested to learn, in our contemporary, multifaith and post-secular society, if and how people from different faith backgrounds relate their religious beliefs to their professional work.’

The Faith in Work retreats are designed to provide a bridge across economy and society, to nurture common understanding and innovative action. The retreats begin from the two-fold premise that nobody has a monopoly on wisdom, truth, faith or charity and that we deepen our faith when we open ourselves up to the other.

The first retreat is being organised for Catholics (including lapsed ones!) with the Augustinian Canonesses of Boarbank Hall. Further retreats will be held in partnership with other faith groups. Follow the link on the Events page to find our more and sign-up as a participant.

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