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Introducing the Spiritual Capital Development Company

6 Jun 2016

After many months of research and development, William Temple Foundation is proud to introduce the Spiritual Capital Development Company (SCDC). This innovate new stand-alone project was initiated by the Foundation, but is being developed in close collaboration with strategy consultants Whetstone and collaborators from public sector organisations, business people and academics.

As well as launching a dedicated new subsection of the William Temple Foundation website about the SCDC, today we also launch a pilot version of a new research questionnaire. A preview version can be found on the new website, where there is also further information about the project and research. The SCDC welcomes everyone to take part in the preview survey which takes no more than 5 minutes to complete. By doing so you will be helping us to collect and analyse fresh data as well as to fine-tune our research – watch this space for our ongoing analysis!

A full version of the questionnaire has been rolled out to sample groups and individuals, carefully selected by the SCDC’s management team. If you are interested in participating in the full survey, please contact the SCDC for more information.

William Temple Foundation Director of Research Chris Baker said, “We are thrilled to be able to move to some practical gathering of data after many months of planning. We hope that this data will generate interesting insights into how beliefs shape the public sphere. This moves our work closer to being an exciting product for investment in future research.”

Shanon Shah, who has been coordinating the project, said, “We designed both the preview and full questionnaires to be user-friendly while covering plenty of analytical ground. As this is a pilot, we’re also hoping for constructive feedback to polish these questionnaires and the overall research design for this exciting project.”

Keep an eye on the SCDC website for updates on events, resources and other announcements >>>

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