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New Research Fellow Appointed

30 Apr 2021

We welcome Dr Matthew Barber-Rowell as a new Research Fellow with the Foundation.

Matthew was previously a William Temple Scholar and has had a long association with the life of the Foundation and its work. He recently successfully completed his PhD at Goldsmiths, University of London. Matthew’s PhD research developed a new framework for partnership and engagement between churches and other faith groups, and secular partners such as local authorities, advancing innovative spaces of reflection and practice based on shared values. This framework is called Spaces of Hope and has already achieved a lot of application in the northwest of England.

Matthew says, ‘The William Temple Foundation offers a long tradition of interdisciplinary work, innovation, and thought leadership, which is highly relevant to public life today. I have been fortunate to both learn from and speak into this tradition whilst completing my PhD research. I am honoured to continue this rich dialogue, as a Research Fellow with the Foundation.’

Director of Research for the Foundation, Professor Chris Baker, says, ‘The addition of Matthew as a Research Fellow represents a great asset for the Foundation, and we look forward to working with him to develop further ideas around Spaces of Hope in a post-COVID policy landscape.’

You can read more about our Research Fellows and their work here. And you can follow Matthew on Twitter @DrBarber_Rowell.

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