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New Research Fellow Appointed

12 Jul 2022

We welcome Dr Ryan Haecker as a new Research Fellow with the Foundation.

Ryan currently works as the Assistant Communications Officer at the Foundation, and he is a frequent contributor to the Foundation’s Ethical Futures project. He recently completed his PhD in Theology and Religoius Studies at Peterhouse, University of Cambridge under the supervision of Rowan Williams on trinitarian ontology and theological interpretations of logic in Origen of Alexandria. He has published over thirty articles, and presented over one hundred talks at conferences and symposia around the world.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Ryan managed the publicity and social media for several academic conferences and symposia, including the international and ecumenical 2019 New Trinitarian Ontologies Conference held at the University of Cambridge. He has also worked for many years as a librarian, administrator, and private tutor. He previously studied history, philosophy, and theology at the University of Texas, the University of Würzburg, and the University of Nottingham. Ryan has hosted many public forums for the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, addressing themes such as proofs of the existence of God, angelology, and theological interpretations of computers. He has also been interviewed on key issues in theology by media outlets such as BBC Cambridgeshire and the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

Director of Research for the Foundation, Professor Chris Baker, says, ‘We are thrilled to welcome Dr Ryan Haecker as a Research Fellow. He brings a wealth of new and dynamic knowledge in Christian theology and philosophy, and he will facilitate exciting new networks of engagement for the Foundation.’

You can read more about our Research Fellows and their work here. And you can follow Ryan on Academia or on Twitter @RyanHaecker.

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