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New Research Fellow Appointed

15 Jan 2021

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Sanjee Perera as a new Research Fellow at the Foundation.

Dr Perera is a Cognitive Ecclesiologist and the current Archbishop’s Adviser on Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns in the Church of England. She is also a visiting fellow at Coventry University’s Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations and an Associate Fellow of the Open University’s School of Law. Her research brings a Cognitive psychological framework to Philosophy, Theology & Religion, particularly focusing on racialised stake holds in the Church of England.

Commenting on the new appointment, Director of Research Professor Chris Baker says: ‘We’re delighted that Dr Perera has joined the Foundation as a Research Fellow, bringing as she does her vast range of interests and expertise in key areas of public theology—including race and identity.’

Dr Perera says: ‘I am delighted to join this collective of academics and practitioners who engage fearlessly with difficult faith issues in the public square and are at the cutting edge of catalysing change in the civic landscape. In the last couple of months I have enjoyed enriching interdisciplinary public debates and a constructive knowledge exchange that has shaped and sharpened my own ideological positions and paradigms. It is refreshing to find a platform which values communicating robust research with non-expert audiences without diluting its academic rigour.’

You can read more about our Research Fellows and their work here. And you can follow Sanjee on Twitter @sanjeeperera1.

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