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28 Jan 2016

Following the success of our first series of e-books, we’re very pleased to announce Temple Tracts series II. The series will offer curious readers seven brand new e-books presenting accessible analysis, informative case studies and engaging discussion on contemporary concerns for religion and society.

In the first book of the series, which will be released in March, William Temple Foundation Director Chris Baker, together with Associate Research Fellow John Reader, take on the topic of secularism, civility and religious violence. Temple Tracts released later in the year will include Fellow Eve Poole’s take on ethical consumerism and special guest writer Professor Craig Calhoun’s discussion on religion, government and the public good.

Each e-book costs £2.99 and can be downloaded via the Temple Tracts page on our website. All proceeds will support William Temple Foundation’s charitable aims to promote the economic, social and political wellbeing of society.

Our exciting first series is available to download now. Topics range from sexuality and the Church of England, to faith-based social action and the welfare system, to a critical analysis of the Interfaith Movement. Find out more.

Coming Soon: Temple Tracts II

Vicarious Secularism: Exploring New Frontiers of Civility in a Violent World
by John Reader and Chris Baker

Religion, Government and the Public Good
by Craig Calhoun

Ethical Consumerism
by Eve Poole

What is Religion?
by Greg Smith

Religion and Sexual Diversity
by Shanon Shah

Religion, Social Policy and the Body
by Tina Hearn

Watch What Christians Do, Not What They Say
by John Atherton

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