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New William Temple Scholar announced

9 Jul 2019

The William Temple Foundation is pleased to announce that Matthew Barber has been awarded a William Temple Foundation scholarship to enable him to complete his doctoral research at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Matthew holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a Master’s degree in Environmental Politics. Matthew’s work engages at the intersection of urban mission and social policy and has developed through alliances with Link Up Faith Network and Diocese of Chester, as well as Community Development roles in urban priority areas in Mid-Cheshire and Stockport.

Matthew has founded and grown Spaces of Hope, which combines his personal story with professional practice to understand more about how we shape the environments we live in through the things that we believe in and value most. He also holds a Fellowship with the Royal Society of Arts for his work facilitating social change and building social movements.

His doctoral work proposes a new model for Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) that is suitable for current contexts of alterity, diversity and marginalisation. In particular, Matthew is interested in FBO models that are less static, less linear, and less hierarchical.

Matthew says: ‘In our climate of fear and uncertainty, it is critical for us to have the tools we need to unite and embrace our different beliefs, values and worldviews, different local and global considerations, different spheres of life, and the different fruit we produce. I am delighted to be receiving support from William Temple Foundation, as I curate Spaces of Hope to meet this challenge.’

Commenting on the new appointment, Director of Research Professor Chris Baker says: ‘We’re delighted that Matthew has become our latest scholar. The creative and ground-breaking work that Spaces of Hope is generating around partnerships and policy formation is something that William Temple Foundation is proud to endorse and support.’

You can read more about the William Temple Scholars and their work here.

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