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A Warm Welcome to the Newest Member of our Team

23 Nov 2015

William Temple Foundation is pleased to welcome Dr Shanon Shah to our staff. Shanon joins the team on a three-month placement and his role aims to develop an exciting new project, the Spiritual Capital Development Company (SCDC). Shanon will work closely with Director of Research Chris Baker and the SCDC Steering Group to energise the pilot stages of this important project.

Shanon gained a doctorate in the Sociology of Religion from King’s College, London and his qualitative research focused on Islam and sexual minorities in Britain and Malaysia. He is Deputy Editor of Critical Muslim, a quarterly magazine published by the Muslim Institute. He is also an associate researcher with Inform (the Information Network on Religious Movements).

Shanon said, “I’m looking forward to working with William Temple Foundation on the SCDC project because of its expansive vision to bring together religious and non-religious networks for social betterment. My own research shows that people from marginalised groups can creatively harness religious and non-religious ideas and networks to challenge inequality and promote social justice, which makes this particular project particularly exciting.”

The Spiritual Capital Development Company is a business model that aims to measure spiritual capital in a workplace or a local authority area, and facilitate its increase, giving more robust and resilient workforces and local communities, and saving money for employers and councils.

Watch Shanon talk about his research and his role at the Foundation here.

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