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John Atherton Book Endorsed by Nobel Prize Winner

26 Oct 2015

Congratulations to Professor Angus Deaton who has been awarded the 2015 Nobel Award for Economics. Prof Deaton, who describes himself as “concerned with the poor of the world and how people behave, and what gives them a good life”, recently endorsed the work of William Temple Foundation’s Associate Research Fellow John Atherton. Reviewing John Atherton’s most recent publication Challenging Religious Studies: The wealth, wellbeing and inequalities of nations Prof Deaton wrote,

“Relations between economics and religion have long been fractious, to the detriment of both. While economists have broadened their interests, the centrality of religion to human wellbeing is rarely recognized. On the other side, many theologians brand economics as a soulless doctrine of materialism. Such polarized views hurt both economics and religious studies, and have long been due for change. John Atherton’s Challenging religious studies is a splendid bridge across the divide and lays out a path for a richer, more productive, and more sympathetic collaboration. Bravo!”

John Atherton’s landmark book, published in late 2014, represents a breakthrough in our understanding and development of the practices, ethics and theories of religious studies through engagement with the world of daily life and its breath-taking transformation since 1800, as revealed particularly in living standards, life expectancy and subjective wellbeing. John has been a member of the William Temple Foundation team for many years, and currently serves as a member of our board of trustees as well as an Associate Research Fellow of the Foundation.

Read exclusive extracts from Challenging Religious Studies on the William Temple Foundation blog.

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