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John Atherton reflects on ‘Anglican Social Theology’

27 Aug 2014

Anglican Social Theology: Renewing the Vision Today was published last month and described as a book which, ‘looks to develop strong theological foundations for local social action initiatives by churches, especially for activists who are not familiar with the Church of England’s tradition of social theology, developed by William Temple and others a century ago’.

Revd. Canon Prof John Atherton, Associate Research Fellow of the William Temple Foundation, has worked with and advanced the theological developments described by the book throughout his long career as a highly respected voice on theology, economics and social change. John offers his personal reflection on the newly published volume and makes the case for an alternative approach to social theology.

“More Religious than Social. More Churchy than Worldly. More Church of England than Anglican, Ecumenical, Inter-Faith, or Interdisciplinary.  Reflections on Anglican Social Theology (Malcolm Brown, ed.), with some thoughts on what William Temple’s Christianity and Social Order could look like today.”

Download the full article:

A-Reflection-on-Anglican-Social-Theology-by-John-Atherton.pdf (PDF)

Reflection-on-Anglican-Social-Theology-by-John-Atherton.docx (Word)

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27/08/2014 10:47

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Fr Paul Butler

27/08/2014 10:47

Many thanks, that’s a fantastic response, and now safely downloaded. I don’t understand how it happens either, and no problem with any other pdfs. All good wishes.

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