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Malvern 2017: Confirmed Attendees

13 Apr 2017

We’re pleased to provide details of confirmed attendees to the forthcoming consultation Malvern 2017: Faith, Belief and Nation-building.

Convened in partnership between the William Temple Foundation, Culham St Gabriel’s, Saltley Trust, and the Universities of Birmingham, Chester, Warwick and Worcester, the consultation aims to curate a strategic and deep conversation about nation building and the role of institutional faiths and belief (both religious and non- religious) in that task.

Bringing diverse expertise, insight and experience from across the worlds of academia, activism, business, belief and politics, the following participants will gather this June at St George’s House, Windsor, for a 24-hour conference about what it means to be British and European in the 21st century.

Ms Shahin Ashraf | National Co-ordinator, Muslim Women’s Network

Ms Fatimah Ashrif | Project Lead on Coexist House, University of Cambridge

Professor Chris Baker | Director, William Temple Foundation

Dr Mark Chater | Director, Culham St Gabriels

Ms Takyiwa Danso | Development activist, UN Youth delegate
Read Takyiwa’s Malvern 2017 Q&A here

Ms Rosie Dawson | BBC Producer, Associate Research Fellow, William Temple Foundation

Jayne-Anne Gadhia | Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Money

Canon Professor Elaine Graham | Grosvenor Research Professor of Practical Theology
Read Elaine’s Malvern 2017 Q&A here

Dr Martin Hodson | Operations Director, John Ray Initiative
Read Martin’s Malvern 2017 Q&A here

Dr Ian Jones | Director, Saltley Trust

Jenny Kartupelis, MBE | Director, Faith in Society
Read Jenny’s Malvern Q&A here

Professor Steve Keen | Head of the School of Economics, History and Politics, Kingston University
Read Steve’s Malvern Q&A here

Professor Tariq Modood | Founding Director, Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship, Bristol University

Dr Farid Panjwani | Director, Centre for Research and Evaluation in Muslim Education (CREME)

Professor Stephen Parker | Professor of the History of Religion and Education, University of Worcester

Catherine Pepinster | Former Editor of The Tablet, UK Development Officer for the Anglican Centre in Rome

The Reverend Canon Martyn Percy | Dean of Christ Church, Oxford

Dr Eve Poole | Author, Deputy Director, Public Leadership Centre, Ashridge

Dr Maria Power | Lecturer in Religion and Peacebuilding, University of Liverpool
Read Maria’s Malvern 2017 Q&A here

Revd Dr John Reader | Author and Associate Research Fellow, William Temple Foundation

Barbara Ridpath | Director, St Paul’s Institute
Read Barbara’s Malvern 2017 Q&A here

Dr Abdullah Sahin | Author and Reader in Islamic Education, University of Warwick

Mr Greg Smith | Author and Researcher, Associate Research Fellow, William Temple Foundation

Paula Vennells | Chief Executive, Post Office

Michael Wakelin | Broadcaster, former Head of Religion and Ethics, BBC

Professor John Wolffe | Professor of Religious History, Open University

A substantive 40 page report will be produced immediately following the consultation which will be freely available on the Partners’ websites.

Download the full briefing document here

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